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Swashbuckling Doctors

The Swashbuckling Doctors have been skankin' together since 2010, and they have played shows all over Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Next stop, Delaware! The Docs have recorded two albums of original material, Kraken, which has 5 songs, and Side Effects May Include..., which has 11 songs. Now they are putting the finishing touches on their new full-length release Rescue the Universe due in Spring 2017, and planning on touring extensively to support the album.

Side Effects May Include (left), Kraken - Swashbuckling Doctors

The Swashbuckling Doctors are known for an energetic, fun live show that gets the crowd dancing and singing along with spirited originals and ridiculous cover song interpretations. The Swashbuckling Doctors were recently featured on legendary Berkeley radio station KALX on their "The Next Big Thing" program. A SpokesBUZZ Springboard band in 2016, the Docs have played the Bohemian Nights New West Fest, Hodi's Half Note, and the Aggie in Fort Collins, and the Larimer Lounge, TheLion's Lair, and Moe's in Denver. They also played in an engines laboratory once, and were chastised for being too loud. Go figure.

Rescue The Universe - Swashbuckling Doctors

The Swashbuckling Doctors are known as a great outdoor party and post-race band, having played the popular Horsetooth Half Marathon and Colorado Marathon, and the prestigious Other Half Marathon in Moab, Utah. They even played a Full Marathon once. It was exhausting. But worth it just to see the smiles on their sweaty faces. The Docs have their own PA system so they can play anywhere, anytime. Except before 7 on Tuesdays. They have Tai Chi at that time. The Swashbuckling Doctors are ready to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

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